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Our ongoing webinar series helps everyone in the organization catch up on business and technology trends changing the way we all do business. This month, we’re featuring a three-part series for customer service pros, and a series that looks into ways small businesses can bridge productivity and business management workstreams. Each webinar averages 15-20 minutes—perfect for viewing during a lunch break or after work hours.

SMB series: Reinvent productivity with Dynamics 365 Business Central

In this two-part series, learn how Dynamics 365 Business Central works together with Office 365 and the Microsoft Power Platform to streamline business processes, improve customer interactions, and make better decisions.

Reinvent productivity with Dynamics 365 Business Central and Office 365

54 percent of organizations struggle with process and system integration issues, based on a survey of SMB leaders. This webinar explores how disconnected systems constrain growth in today’s business environment as well as new ways to connect and scale business management tools and processes in the cloud. A “better together” demo explores how to bridge capabilities in Office 365 and Dynamics 365 Business Central to break down silos across people, data, and processes.

Automate business processes with the Microsoft Power Platform

No SMB operates the same way, and off-the-shelf business and accounting software often doesn’t align to the changing needs of the business. Watch this webinar to learn how to automate your ad-hoc or unique business processes to achieve new levels of productivity and success. You’ll learn how the Microsoft Power Platform empowers citizen developers to solve business automation without code and hear some of the innovative solutions companies like yours have created to transform their businesses.

Bring on the future of customer experiences

This three-part series is essential viewing for any customer service professional. Esteban Kolsky, President and Founder of thinkJar, shares market insights and practical guidance to bring customer service to the forefront of organizational growth.

Part 1: The evolving role of customer service

Customer service is evolving from a single-interaction resolution to an end-to-end experience that is essential for competitive differentiation. In part one of the series, Esteban Kolsky summarizes a thinkJar survey of 124 customer service professionals that uncovered what they’re doing now,and how they’re planning for the next five years to digitally transform their organizations. You’ll also learn why a data-driven, automation-focused, and platform-based approach to operations is essential for customer service and hear approaches to reframe the customer service model.

Part 2: The new age of customer service automation

Learn how automation elevates the customer service experience. In this webinar, Esteban Kolsky explores how to deploy artificial intelligence, machine learning, chatbots, and web self-service features to yield greater customer satisfaction and free service agent time for advanced cases. Throughout this session Kolsky supports scenarios with findings from a 2018 thinkJar customer service report, with compelling insights on the value of automation across the organization.

Part 3: Optimizing the customer service agent role

In the third part of the series, Esteban Kolsky explores how the role of the customer service agent is changing, and why organizations are leveraging automation to optimize agent roles for more complex issues and solve problems. Explore how a data-driven, automation-focused, and platform-based approach to operations is influencing customer service as well as how customer expectations are reframing the customer service model, and the benefits of this transformation.

Save the date: Microsoft Business Applications virtual launch event April ‘19

The Microsoft Business Applications Virtual Launch Event for the April ’19 update is just around the corner! On April 2nd, we’re streaming live with big announcements and new capabilities to help you optimize your business with Dynamics 365, Power BI, PowerApps, and Microsoft Flow. Register now and get updates about guest speakers and the event agenda.

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