Using the Tiered Charges functionality for Sales Orders in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

This content covers setting up and using sales order auto charges, where the auto charges are based on the total amount of the sales order. Assume that there is a business requirement of applying auto charges where the total of the sales order is equal 1000.00 USD. In order to map this requirement to Dynamics AX please review Sales order Auto Charges in Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Below is an example to illustrate the auto charges functionality if the sales order amount is less than 1000.00 or if equal 1000.00, and how the system will apply the auto charges on the sales order using the tiered charges functionality.
In the Auto charge form (Accounts receivable| Setup| Charges| Auto charges) set the From amount, and To amount which will be one of the applying criteria of the charge. Enter 1000.00 USD in the amount filed, this means if the total of the sales order is less than 1000.00 USD then the system will apply the auto charges, else the charges will not be applied.


After creating the sales order for 999.00 the charges will not be applied automatically.

Since the system requires to calculate and compare the configured charges against the sales order total, this calculation function is done by using the Tiered Charges function on the sales order header.

The auto charge is automatically applied after running the Tiered charges function.

If the sales order total is equal to 1000.00 USD, and you are using the Tiered charges functionality, it will not find an auto charge to apply.