Upgrade Considerations for Document Approvals

In Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016, the legacy Document Approval feature has been replaced and improved by the new Workflow feature.

Each Approval Template record is now a dedicated workflow that operates on either a specific sales or purchase document. The concept of approval user hierarchies is maintained, but we are also introducing workflow user groups as a new method of setting up the approval chain. This adds support for new approval types and increases flexibility in the solution. The workflow user groups by and large inherit the behavior of the Additional Approver functionality in the legacy feature.

The behavior of each approval workflow is controlled by response options that dictate how to interpret approval limits and how to address the approver hierarchy. Any custom approval limit types in the previous version must be re-implemented as part of the workflow response options after the upgrade.

Remember that only sales and purchase approvals are upgraded automatically to workflows. Any additional approval templates must be implemented as workflows.

All interaction with users through e-mail is now controlled by workflow responses, which use notification templates to build approval e-mail messages.

More information about upgrading will be available on aka.ms/navgetready.