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Important: This issue was resolved with the March 2017 release of Lifecycle Services.

We recently announced the availability of Platform update 4 through Lifecycle Services. Since the release, we have discovered issues with the Servicing workflow for the Platform update 4 environment. The Updates tile, in the Environment details view, should only show updates that are applicable to your environment. However, for customers who have deployed a Platform update 4 environment, the Updates tiles shows updates from older releases. Specifically, it has been reported that the following tiles display

  • Platform X++ updates: On a Platform update 4 environment the platform models can’t be overlayered in Dynamics 365 for Operations version 1611 and therefore this tile shouldn’t be available.
  • All binary updates: This tile shows updates for older releases that are not applicable.

To work around this issue, customers on Platform Update 4  should not download or apply the updates shown on these tiles.

This blog post will be updated when the issue is resolved.

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