What would you love to see in Dynamics 365 for Operations? Post your idea on the Ideas Portal

We now have a Dynamics 365 Ideas Portal for you to log any new ideas for Dynamics 365 for Operations: https://ideas.dynamics.com/ideas/dynamics-operations

Like Microsoft Connect, you can view other suggestions, vote for or against an idea and add comments.

If you want to see what has the most votes, there is a hot tab plus there is a new tab to quickly see the latest ideas posted. You can also filter by status and time:

When you enter the site the Quick Links allows you to filter to see all the ideas under each module:

You can select “My feedback” to see a detailed view of ideas that you have submitted, the status and the total votes received.

Please take a read through the Posting Guidelines and FAQ on the Ideas Portal for more information.

Please note that suggestions that were previously entered under the Dynamics ERP Feedback product in Microsoft Connect have been migrated over to the Ideas Portal. These are displayed as created by Microsoft.