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Change to Bing Map control on forms for Dynamics 365 (version 8.x) and Dynamics CRM 2013 and later (versions 6.x-8.x)

The Bing Maps AJAX Control Version 7 has reached its end-of-life. (See Discontinued Control Migration Guidelines). This will not affect any customer using the Dynamics 365 online service. For on-premises customers on the versions below, we will release a patch that updates the Bing Map AJAX Control to Version 8. This patch will remediate the problem. Administrators will need to install this patch on their on-premises instance, otherwise the Bing map control will no longer render in forms and that area will appear as blank.

This will affect users of the following on-premises versions of Dynamic CRM and Dynamics 365:

  • Dynamics CRM 2013, Version 6.x
    Dynamics CRM 2015, Version 7.x
    Dynamics CRM 2016 and Dynamics 365, Version 8.x

Stay tuned for information on how to get and deploy the patch, which will be available in August.