Release Notes for Field Service and Project Service Automation Update Release 4

Applies to: Field Service for Dynamics 365, Project Service Automation for Dynamics 365, and Universal Resource Scheduling (URS) solution on Dynamics 365 9.0.x


We’re pleased to announce the latest update to the Field Service and Project Service Automation applications for Dynamics 365. This release includes improvements to quality, performance, and usability, and is based on your feedback and requests.

This release is compatible with Dynamics 365 9.0.x. To update to this release, visit the Admin Center for Dynamics 365 online, solutions page to install the update. For details, refer How to Install, Update a Preferred Solution

Field Service enhancements (v7.4.0.74)


  • Fixed: Error message editing any field on Product Receipt when changing PO status to Products Received
  • Fixed: Purchase Order Product Price calculation wrong by factor of 10000 when using standard Euro currency format settings
  • Fixed: End Date on Agreement is incorrectly updated when start date is in DST but end date is not
  • Fixed: Address Suggestion dialog shows up after save of User record on D365 online org
  • Fixed: Address Not Found error when selecting address from suggestion popup
  • Fixed: [French/iPhone] [Mobile Offline]: Duration field is not getting auto-populated after filling the Start time and End time fields on Resource booking form
  • Fixed: [iPhone] [Mobile Offline]: Pricing tab shows blank form while creating a work order product
  • Fixed: [Offline only] – “Estimation Duration” is not set to default value “zero” on Work Order Incident form
  • Fixed: [Unified Client] Documents not available under related even when entity is document management-enabled

Project Service Automation (v2.4.0.48) Enhancements


  • Fixed: [Unified Client Only] Not able to Add Products to Invoice when all solutions are installed
  • Fixed: Upgrade Project Service solution to version on D365 9.0 org leaving below 3 attributes of msdyn_approval entity incorrect
    • regardingobjectypecode,
    • regardingobjectidname,
    • regardingobjectidyominame
  • Fixed: Contract confirmation is not correctly processing unbilled actuals coming from journals; the expected behavior is that when an actual is from a journal line, there should be no reversal of the actual when the contract is confirmed
  • Fixed: Contract confirmation is not correctly processing unbilled actuals created after a credit note is processed
  • Fixed: Estimated cost on project entity page is not taking expense estimates into account
  • Fixed: Resource Requirement created from the Generate Project team with tasks with decimal hours have off-by-one end date
  • Fixed: [DKK currency issue] The Total Sales Price does not appear accordingly with the decimal precision

Universal Resource Scheduling Enhancements

NOTE: Improvements and bug fixes for Universal Resource Scheduling apply to Field Service and Project Service Automation, as well as to other schedulable entities in the Sales or Service applications.


  • New User Experience for Resource Sorting on Schedule Board
  • Added Day of week to horizontal hourly Schedule Board
  • Added date to hourly vertical Schedule Board
  • Substitute onsite intraday bookings
  • Option to remove hatch design from partially available cells
  • Automatically slide up booking requirement grid when user clicks book on schedule board toolbar
  • Inform user when there are overlapping bookings when using Schedule Assistant
  • Automatically calculate travel using mathematical calculation if default mapping service (Bing) cannot be reached
  • Specify Pattern UI now uses the same design as the demand panel on schedule board
  • UI improvements in top section of specify pattern experience
  • Change the column width in specify pattern experience




  • Fixed: Lack of format validation on the time window start and time window end fields on the resource requirement and work order entities
  • Fixed: Issues when switching between horizontal and vertical hourly schedule boards, when a resource name is populated in the schedule board resource search box
  • Fixed: Schedule Board error messages displayed on Schedule Assistant toolbar now fade if there are multiple errors
  • Fixed: Issues creating booking alerts if user is under a child business unit
  • Fixed: When creating bookings from booking form, if a booking rule is triggered and the user opts not to create booking, booking is no longer created
  • Fixed: Schedule Board colors now fallback to use the colors of the default Schedule Board if there is no color set
  • Fixed: Issues with loading default saved filters on Schedule Board.
  • Fixed: Expand all and collapse all resource button no longer remains in a selected state after being clicked
  • Fixed: When creating a time off record in the calendar for a few days, and then adding a one-day schedule with working hours on top of one of those days, resource availability will now be properly reflected
  • Fixed: When in Specify Pattern experience, if user changes the first or last requirement detail to be earlier or later, but it still falls within the original requirement dates, the requirement from and to dates are now properly updated
  • Fixed: Multiple localization fixes
  • Fixed: In the booking requirements grid, users can now filter to show requirements that do not have a value in the territory field
  • Fixed: Issues opening booking requirements panel on Schedule Board when using touchscreen devices on Firefox
  • Performance Improvement: Improved performance when expanding multiple resources at once on the Schedule Board
  • Usability Improvement: Tooltip no longer shows if the entire error message fits in the error notification bar


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Feifei Qiu

Program Manager

Dynamics 365, Field & Project Service Team