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Today, we are happy to announce the availability of data integration capabilities for Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations on-premises customers. To use the data integration capabilities in an on-premises environment, you need to be on the latest 7.2 and Platform Update 12 build (version 7.0.4709.41184). For information on how to use this feature for on-premises environments, see the topic, Data Management Package API.  The latest 7.2 and Platform Update 12 build has now been made available through Lifecycle Services. In addition to the data integration capabilities, this new build also has other key features, including:

  • Enabled ISV licenses to be applied to an on-premises environment. 
  • Admin toggle button to turn off features dependent on internet connectivity. 


Going forward,  for all new deployments that are triggered through LCS you will need to select the latest 7.2 and Platform Update 12 build (version AXCU12 7.0.4709.41184) in the Advanced Settings in the deployment flow. For existing customers that want to use data integration feature will need to delete and redeploy the environments to use this feature.  If you want to use the data integration capabilities but do not want to delete and redeploy existing on-premises environments, we will be adding support for you in the next few days. We will also be making 7.3 and Platform Update 12 available for on-premises customers around the same time.

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