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The hotfix KB 3034468 released for this feature ‘Advance invoices for prepayments in retail ‘. The link to LCS:

This feature is based on the regular Polish functionality of advance invoices in AX and extends the functionality to process advance invoices when a Customer order Deposit is registered in POS or a final Payment for a Customer order is processed. The following is a high-level overview of the process:

There are only two setup steps required to enable and use this functionality in POS (in addition to the regular setup of advance invoices in AX):

  1. Set Retail parameters \ Customer orders \ Create advance invoice for deposit to enable the functionality;
  2. Configure a windows printer in the Hardware profile of POS to be able to print advance invoices from POS.

The feature does not change user scenarios in POS.


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Ramune Peckyte

Microsoft EMEA Customer Services and Support

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