Performance and Storage Improvements Coming to Financial Dimensions


A new feature is coming that is designed to improve performance when working with financial dimensions and reduce the overall storage cost of storing financial dimension values. The initial changes for improved performance and reduced storage will being rolling out in application release 10.0.38.  There are 3 new fields being added to the table Dimension code combination (DimensionAttributeValueCombination) for this initial application release.  

You will see this improvement fully realized in application release 10.0.42 when 22 fields and related indexes are removed.  These fields all begin with SystemGeneratedAttribute and are used for processes like financial journal entry.  

Feature details 

Enabling the feature Financial dimension performance and storage improvement feature will allow your environment to use just the 3 fields newly added to this table.   

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If you would like to test the removal of the 22 fields and indexes please contact technical support for further information and early enablement before application 10.0.42. Testing this change with any customizations that utilize data directly from this table – which should be very uncommon – will ensure smooth transition when they are permanently removed in 10.0.42.  

Why is this a benefit? Removing these fields and indexes from this highly used table will provide an improved query and insert performance as well as reduced storage cost.  While removing 22 fields is a great benefit, the larger gain for your environment is the removal of the related indexes.   

Call to action 

After enabling this feature in your test environment, verify all of your customizations and key business scenarios. Because all of these data model changes are fully encapsulated in Microsoft owned API calls, there should be no impact for environments with proper customizations. Any customization accessing this table should review the business need and consider other API endpoints for proper access.  

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