What comes next after placing an order for the new AX through volume licensing

How to buy the new AX using VL/EA channel?


Steps 1 through 9 is applicable for customers who are new to Microsoft online services and if the customers PCN is NOT associated

to a tenant.

However, if the customer’s PCN is already associated to a tenant because you are an existing Microsoft online services customer

then, the AX services will be provisioned in your tenant automatically during activation. When this happens, Step 6a and beyond

will be applicable to you and the service ready email for your tenant (as shown in step 6a) is sent to the contact O365 tenant


Steps 1

Once the VL production order is placed you should be receiving the notification of the purchase and an email to provision the service as shown




Make sure you click the right options to create a new tenant or use an existing one. If you have associated your licenses to the wrong

tenant, the customer is going to need to open a case with the Billing Support team and ask to have their agreement remapped from

the Contoso.onmicrosoft.com tenant to the Contoso.com tenant.

The customer will be asked to complete the following template:

Total number of paid subscriptions on the tenant:

Public Customer Number (PCN):

Enrollment Number:

All subscriptions being provisioned on the new tenant: <Subscription type and seat count>

Incorrect/Current Tenant Domain: <*.onmicrosoft.com domain the subscription(s) is/are currently provisioned on. If the customer does not

know the current tenant, please explain why this is. Do not delay the escalation for this.>

Correct/Destination Tenant Domain: <*.onmicrosoft.com domain the customer wants the subscription(s) provisioned under>

Detailed Explanation of why the customer needs their VL subscription(s) migrated to a different tenant:

Does the customer intend to continue using the tenant currently associated with their subscription(s)?

Is the request caused by customer confusion in the sign-up process? If this is the case, please specify. (For example, the email is confusing


Because of customer privacy concerns, we need to have this request come from the customer.

Step 2a:

If you chose to sign in, you can sign in with the correct O365 account as shown below:


Step 2b:

If you chose “Sign up”, you will be asked to fill up a form as shown below and a new tenant will be created for you:



Step 3:

When the account is getting provisioned and tenant (shefyVLTest) is getting created you will see the below screen


Step 4:

Once the provisioning is complete you will see the Confirmation screen as show below. A follow up email will be send once the service is

ready to be used.


Step 5:

You will receive a confirmation email post signup of the offer as shown below:



Once the service is ready for use you will receive a confirmation that Dynamics AX subscription has been activated and you can

“Get started” by clicking on the “Get started” link in the below email.


Step 6b:

Alternatively, you can go to https://portal.office.com and click on Admin centers -> Dynamics AX to “Get started” with Dynamics AX.


Step 7:

Click on “Get started” and login with the account that was created/used above to signup/sign in in step 2a or 2b.


Step 8

 Once you review and accept the license terms, we will setup your project workspace when you click on “Experience Dynamics AX”



Step 9

A new implementation project is created for you, which will be used to implement, deploy and go-live with the new Dynamics AX.