Resetting the Management Reporter data mart for Dynamics 365 for Operations

If you need to reset the Management Reporter data mart for Dynamics 365 for Operations, you can use the steps listed below. These steps are for a sandbox/UAT environment. If you need to reset the data mart in your production environment, contact support.

To rebuild the data mart using the steps found here:


The basic steps are as follows:

1. Run PowerShell as Administrator.

2. Browse to .\MRInstallDirectory.

For a demo or DEV deployment, this will typically be J:\MROneBox\MRInstallDirectory

For Sandbox/UAT deployments, this will typically be J:\MRProcessService\MRInstallDirectory for the BI machine and F:\MRApplicationService\MRInstallDirectory for the AOS.

3. In the PowerShell window type the following command to import the MRDeploy.psd1 module: Import-Module .\Server\MRDeploy\MRDeploy.psd1

4. You can then run the following command to reset the data mart:

Reset-DatamartIntegration -Reason <enter Reason option> -ReasonDetail “<your reason for resetting>”

  • The valid values for -Reason are: SERVICING, BADDATA, OTHER.
  • The -ReasonDetail parameter is free text.

5. Stop the Management Reporter 2012 Process Service on the BI server. If you are a HA (high availability) environment, you will need to stop the service on all BI servers.

6. Answer Yes when prompted in PowerShell to continue.

7. Start Management Reporter 2012 Process Service.


To confirm that the reset has completed, you can run the following query against the ManagementReporter database:

select ReaderObjectName, WriterObjectName, LastRunTime

from Connector.MapsWithDetail with (nolock)

When the reset has completed, all records will have a timestamp in the LastRunTime column.


If you restore a backup of the Dynamics 365 database to another server, you will need to use the steps in the wiki article below.

Resetting the financial reporting data mart after restoring a database