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You can now Inform Microsoft about country/region regulation alerts and track the status of regulatory features by using Lifecycle Services (LCS). The following article describes how to use LCS to submit alerts through the Localization and translation service. This article also explains how to track planned and released regulatory features through LCS Issue search. (Read...Read more
I’ve seen a few requests asking to provide a list of all transaction types and the correlating key definitions that can be used to default text of the accounting entries in the general ledger. I’ve made a research looking at the cross-references of the TransactionTxt class and here’s what I’ve got. Standard AX normally populates the...Read more
We have released a feature update for Standard Audit File (SAF) in Poland for Microsoft Dynamics AX. Overview. This updates includes batch processing, bug fixes. Download. AX 2009 SP1. KB3187695 released 23 Aug 2016, includes all previously released updates to the feature, including the originally released KB3165114. AX 2012 R3. After installing the feature (KB3165114) install KB3178394 and...Read more
There were several requests asking to provide information on what exactly is changed in a hotfix and what’s included as a dependency. I understand this may be helpful when after a hotfix installation you need to merge the new Microsoft code with your customization. Below is the description how to get hotfix changes from a...Read more
This is to inform you that we have released a country-specific update for Denmark and Austria to support attachments in electronic invoices in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3. Overview This update allows to support attachments inclusion into electronic invoices output XML files according to UBL requirements. After the installation of this hotfix, the following XSL transformation...Read more
When using General ledger foreign currency revaluation the revaluation transactions will be created with type Ledger for the bank accounts. This will lead to a mismatch between the Ledger bank account total and the Subledger bank account total in the company currency amounts. The bank exchanage rate adjustment functionality has been requested by several customers and already...Read more
This is about the following report – Procurement and Sourcing / Reports / Status / Accrued purchases. In AX2012 (companing with AX2009) we’ve made a performance improvement of the report by changing it’s datasource. But if you use discounts the report might show you a wrong value. Below you will find a way to resolve...Read more
Sometimes you may find a fix like KB2975071 that has been released for both AX2012 R2 and AX2012 R3. The issue is the Download button is only available for AX2012 R2, but not for AX2012 R3. The hotfix process of the In-Market Engineering team is that they release a fix for the customer that reported the...Read more
When you believe you have discovered a product-defect and you would like to report it to Microsoft support, our frontline engineers will investigate the issue and if it’s decided to submit a hotfix request to the Product Group they need to collect all required information in a special format. I believe if we get the required information from the start we...Read more
Are you aware that now we can install application updates (or a subset of them) using the advanced installation option in the CU7 installer? I wanted to demonstrate how you can do it. I hope it can help those who want to update specific bits without upgrading the whole application. 1. Download CU installation package and run...Read more