Highlights and reactions: Microsoft Dynamics 365

Get your first look at the next generation of intelligent business applications.

On October 11, Executive Vice President Scott Guthrie shared Microsoft’s strategy for digital transformation and unveiled the new Microsoft Dynamics 365 business applications.

During the live event, Microsoft, for the first time, showed off Dynamics 365, highlighting how it is unifying CRM and ERP capabilities to enable end to end business processes. How Office 365 is seamlessly integrated within Dynamics 365 products, how it delivers more intelligence and enables businesses to adapt to market and customer demands.

What sets Dynamics 365 apart?

Scott, in his keynote highlighted four key aspects.

  • Dynamics 365 delivers next-generation applications. Dynamics 365 delivers new purpose-built applications that fit across roles and industries. And they’re available in the cloud, so you can add applications as your business demands and grow at your pace.
  • Better productivity. Dynamics 365 provides an immersive user experience with Office 365 and this experience is offered across the web, mobile devices and the PC.
  • The power of advanced analytics. The deep business intelligence of Dynamics 365 infuses big data, advanced analytics, and IoT to guide you to optimal outcomes. You’ll be able to transform every system, device, process, and asset across your organization.
  • Adaptability. Dynamics 365 lets you evolve business processes in real time. You’ll be able to quickly adapt to new business models, changing customer needs, or trends in the marketplace.

Dynamics 365 lets you focus on getting the job done, enables growth and transformation of your organization, provides better answers to business questions, and helps you adjust to a changing environment on the fly.

The early feedback from our customers and partners has exceeded our expectations and we can’t wait to get these new applications to our customers.

Marston’s, a leading hospitality brand with pubs, breweries and inns across the U.K., is an exciting example of a customer already using this application to better understand their customers by bringing together Wi-Fi registration data, point-of-sale transactions, table bookings, survey results and social media – a data problem way outside of the scope of traditional CRM systems.  Using Customer Insights, Marston’s anticipates they will be able to sell one extra meal, and drink, per pub per day, which they expect will result in about a £7.7 million increase to their bottom line.  

If you missed the live event, don’t worry! You can still see the whole keynote, the demos, and customer’s commentary on demand.

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