Universal Resource Scheduling – Extensibility Documentation Released!!!

We are extremely excited to announce the availability of official Universal Resource Scheduling (URS) documentation for scheduling extensibility!



Universal Resource Scheduling documentation



First, check out the document that offers context and a deep overview of scheduling extensibility.

Next, there’s a sample walkthrough you can follow step-by-step. This will help you learn how to implement extensibility by walking through a sample implementation.

We’ve also provided documentation about the extensibility language syntax (UFX).

And finally, some extensibility-specific release notes.


For more general context on Universal Resource Scheduling, check out the following video.


You can find all sorts of additional content on the CRM Team blog; just search the term “Universal Resource Scheduling”! Amend your search with something like “Universal Resource Scheduling May 2018,” and you’ll see the blog post announcing the May 2018 updates, as an example.


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Happy Scheduling!

Dan Gittler, Principal Program Manager, Dynamics 365 engineering

Yona Low, Principal Software Engineer, Dynamics 365 engineering