Use conversation intelligence in Dynamics 365 Sales

Conversation intelligence in Dynamics 365 Sales incorporates the latest in natural language processing. This allows you to transcribe and log important information from your sales calls, such as names, order details, and action items, boosting your overall productivity. Not only can you customize conversation intelligence to identify terms specific to your business, but it will also track and suggest important terms by analyzing your conversations.

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Conversation intelligence key features

Conversation intelligence will transcribe your calls and extract insights by searching for tracker words, keywords, specific entities, talking points, and action items.

Tracker words are terms that you designate are important to your business. Conversation intelligence will also look for similar matches by identifying linguistic inflections (for example “go” will match with “went”). You can customize tracker words to include any set of terms with no limit to the number.

In addition to the designated tracker words, keywords are terms from calls that are automatically suggested by conversation intelligence. These are not just frequently used terms. Conversation intelligence uses advanced linguistic analysis to distinguish and identify meaningful terms as keywords, using a graph-based centrality representation of connection between terms.

As requested by customers, conversation intelligence can detect specific entities including people’s names, companies, products, dates, and dollar amounts. These entities are useful when you are summarizing a call and preparing for the next call. Conversation insights detects entities using an assortment of text classifiers designed to handle conversational texts. Text classifiers learn from large sets of examples to identify specific occurrences in text using named entity recognition.

Wouldn’t it be useful to have a reminder that the customer you are about to call is a sports fan? Talking points are personal snippets of information that salespeople use to establish a personal connection with customers. This feature is especially important in developing long-term client relationships. We identify talking points in two ways. First, by finding mentioned terms in knowledge graphs that map various concept relations, then identifying if a term is a movie, sport, or any other category among the thousands cataloged. The second way to identify talking points is with text classifiers. Just like the named entity classifiers, the talking points text classifiers learn from large sets of examples how to identify when somebody talks about topics, such as their family or latest vacation.

One of the more important insights provided is action items. This is a text classifier developed by the Cortana team that you can use to identify all commitments of tasks in a call (such as “I will send you the exact pricing”) from both parties. Action items help you be more accountable to your clients by keeping track of your verbal commitments.

We will continue to add new features to conversation intelligence that will provide a better understanding of your sales calls. One feature enhancement we are currently working on is the ability to identify and track expressions of sentiment and emotion. This combination will allow conversation intelligence to avoid pitfalls, such as sarcasm and other nuances, in spoken language that might be missed when you are using only transcription.

Getting started

We encourage using conversation intelligence to review your calls for accurate note taking, confidently prepare for your next client call, and use it as a tool for coaching new salespeople by reviewing your top sales conversations. To understand the full capabilities of Dynamics 365 Sales Insights and the value they bring to Dynamics 365 customers, visit Dynamics 365 Sales Insights, check out the documentation, or read these FAQ where you’ll find a list of supported languages and answers to other common questions.

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