Podcast: Know what your consumers say, seek, and feel

Business professionals such as product owners, marketers, and sellers are looking to find the right insights about their consumers. Traditional tools such as surveys and industry reports do not give timely and relevant insights and may have biases based on the audience surveyed.

I recently participated in a podcast with Mark Smith, a Dynamics 365 partner, to share information about the development of the Dynamics 365 Market Insights Preview, and details of our future product strategy. We discussed three key areas in which this new application can enable business professionals.

Find the right signals in the noise

With so much happening on the web, it’s tough to keep track of the news and topics most important to your business. Dynamics 365 Market Insights Preview helps business professionals better understand trends by finding the right signals from aggregated and anonymized web signals.

Get insights that matter to you

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Market Insights alert email.

Dynamics 365 Market Insights Preview utilizes signals to provide relevant insights about topics related to your products, brands, customers, and competitors. Business professionals can receive daily or weekly emails containing relevant news such as product launches, competitor’s actions, and other important news. It’s also easy to customize search topics to improve the relevancy of information provided to you. The application can also help autocomplete your searches from our set of known products and brands and automatically apply advanced rules on a selected entity.

Drive your business with recommended actions

The application is evolving from initially providing news and insights to also providing recommended actions for your business to take based on online trends and web activity. We plan to help customers first act on soft recommendations and then progress to act on key recommendations as their confidence grows in the insights and recommendations provided to them.

This podcast also explores how Dynamics 365 Market Insights Preview can help business professionals know their consumer sentiment and intent.

Listen to the podcast to learn more about the above points, product evolution, and strategy of Dynamics 365 Market Insights Preview. You can quickly try our product for free to receive email alerts about your customers, products, brands, and competition. For questions, please engage in the Community Forum and we look forward to incorporating your feedback as we evolve and continuously improve the product.