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2023 release wave 1 plans for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform now available 

7 min read

On January 25, 2023, we published the 2023 release wave 1 plans for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Platform, a compilation of new capabilities planned to be released between April 2023 and September 2023. This first release wave of the year offers hundreds of new features and enhancements, demonstrating our continued investment to power Read more


5 customer service trends to watch in 2023 

6 min read

By 2026, 60 percent of large enterprises will use total experience to transform their business models to achieve world-class customer and employee advocacy levels. This growing acknowledgement is a positive indicator that service is finally recognized as a core business value driver as support teams became pivotal in retaining customer loyalty and winning new customers Read more


The data bias challenge: Creating inclusive customer experiences 

6 min read

In today’s data-driven business landscape, it’s important to reflect on the fact that the traditional data sets you’ve come to rely upon only provide part of the answer. To get to the heart of your customers’ decision-making, you need to not only consider data that’s inclusive and representative of the customers you are trying to Read more


Transform retail customer experiences with the Microsoft Customer Experience Platform 

4 min read

Marketers today are rethinking their data strategies, looking for ways to take ownership of their customer data and to use that resource to create valued customer relationships in a time of tightening privacy legislation. Microsoft continues to make significant investments in helping organizations across industries fulfill customer demands for privacy and personalization while optimizing marketing Read more


Enabling rapid business model innovation and growth 

3 min read

Microsoft commissioned Forrester Consulting to investigate where companies are succeeding, struggling, and investing in their quest to move toward service-centric business models and project-based operations. Forrester Consulting explored how this trend impacts the global business landscape and associated business teams. Read more


Microsoft and Futurum research: Discover insights to create experiences that customers love 

5 min read

In partnership with Futurum, we surveyed 1,000 global business leaders, technologists, marketers, and data and customer experience professionals, and identified the challenges and opportunities that best-in-class data practices afford customer experience (CX) leaders today. The findings revealed what we had surmised going in—that companies are evolving their customer relationship management (CRM) technologies to meet changing Read more