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The most important customer experience metrics (that you’re not tracking yet) 

Marketing professionals go to great lengths to understand customers. Detailed personas are written to identify the motivations, interests, and buying patterns of prospects and customers. But all too often, these personas—and their resulting customer journeys—are informed by data points important to the organization, not the customer. You cannot claim to be customer-centric, customer-first, or customer-obsessed...Read more

Exploring the Intel manufacturing environment through mixed reality 

Today’s organizations have seen tremendous value in using mixed reality, as it rapidly changes how employees learn, work, and understand the world around them. With the unique value of mixed reality solutions, such as Microsoft HoloLens 2, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Remote Assist, organizations can drive workforce transformation with on-the-job guidance,...Read more

Enhance visibility with Dynamics 365 digital supply chain solutions 

The concept of the global control tower first appeared on the radar of supply chain leaders around 15 years ago. As more and more companies pursued end-to-end visibility for increasingly globalized supply chains, the idea quickly gained momentum. IndustryWeek noted global control towers as one of the hottest supply chain buzzwords of 2008.1 Still, for an idea that has...Read more

Microsoft Ignite recap: Dynamics 365 news and announcements you may have missed 

Thank you to everyone from across the globe who attended Microsoft Ignite last week. This year’s virtual event was packed with learning sessions, announcements, engaging conversations, and Q&As—far too much content to absorb in just three days. To help you catch up on the news and content from Microsoft Ignite, we’ve rounded up the highlights...Read more

Dynamics 365 Marketing is leading the way with personalized engagement 

Customer engagement professionals still need to build relationships, trust, and loyalty to be successful, but how we achieve these outcomes has fundamentally changed. Those changes offer the opportunity to be more effective than ever at driving these results. To meet customer expectations, marketers are looking to create end-to-end customer experiences that are customer-led, highly personalized,...Read more

Dynamics 365 Intelligent Order Management launches new guided tour 

Today we are excited to announce the new guided tour for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Intelligent Order Management. We are also taking this opportunity to talk about businesses’ need for order management solutions to move beyond the limitations of traditional enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and keep pace with the fast-changing landscape of e-commerce. View of...Read more

Dynamics 365 Commerce enables the modern and intelligent store 

As the retail industry rebounds from the unparalleled disruptions to store operations over the last year, the store’s role in merchant strategy is evolving and being reimagined. For retailers to thrive in ever more competitive marketplaces, they must embrace technology solutions that enable a modern and intelligent store. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce stands ready with...Read more

Revolutionizing the future for sellers in Dynamics 365 Sales 

Where and how we work has changed. The hybrid work environment is here to stay, and with it, comes a new set of demands on our sales organizations. The tools that sellers are currently using are not helping meet these new demands. Yesterday’s tools don’t serve our modern objectives. Sellers can’t afford to work in...Read more

Announcing new activity menu and 1:1 calling for Dynamics 365 Guides 

With a growing labor shortage and access to new technologies and processes, businesses are adopting mixed reality to improve how employees learn, work, and understand the world around them. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides is driving workforce transformation with hands-on training and step-by-step holographic instructions that are seamless, intuitive, and embedded into everyday workflows, equipping employees...Read more

Optimize production processes with Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management 

It is imperative for organizations to create agile, connected, and sustainable manufacturing processes to customize products and services for their customers, accelerate innovation, and adopt to new business models like offering products-as-a-service. This requires hyper-automated processes and enhanced visibility across production floor and supply chains. In addition, more standardization and interoperability of software across plants...Read more

Introducing Microsoft Customer Experience Platform: A solution for connected customer experiences 

Engaging with customers in today’s world is multifaceted, spanning everything from generating that initial spark of interest, to closing a sale and nurturing the relationship, to delivering exceptional ongoing service and support. Today, those experiences are often disconnected, and customer relationships are fragmented. On top of that, our expectations as customers have risen dramatically. We...Read more

Mitigate disruptions with Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Insights—now in preview 

We are excited to announce the preview launch of Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Insights to help organizations achieve a supply chain of the future—one that is resilient, sustainable, and capable of sensing, predicting, and mitigating disruptions before they occur.  Recent worldwide supply chain disruptions have resulted in economic losses and missed opportunities that stretch into the billions of dollars. Since the...Read more