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How omnichannel enhances the customer experience 

Omnichannel has become a dominant force in how companies meet customer expectations, and for good reason. Ninety-eight percent of Americans switch between devices on the same day, using multiple channels—voice, social, chat, email, and SMS. Omnichannel engagement allows customers to reach out on nearly any device, on their preferred channel while managing all engagement channels...Read more

Accelerate implementations with the expanded FastTrack for Dynamics 365 

Today, more than ever, your organization needs to adapt to changing business conditions with incredible speed and efficacy. Whether you’re shifting to digital sales or streamlining your supply chain, Dynamics 365 plays a pivotal role in digital transformation initiatives by bringing customers and business priorities together with the next generation of CRM and ERP applications....Read more

Fraud trends part 1: account takeover in a digitalized world 

This year has been unexpected to say the least. As 2019 ended and business forecasts were written, no one would have ever guessed what was to come in 2020. As consumer behaviors have shifted in uncertain times, merchants worldwide have quickly adapted and implemented new technologies, tools, and strategies to maintain business continuity and increase...Read more

Why you should select an integrated platform for MarTech needs 

When building a marketing technology (MarTech) stack, both the best-in-breed and single vendor approaches have their benefits and drawbacks. Today’s business realities has marketing operations teams and business leaders re-examining the best way to get necessary tasks accomplished: “one-for-each” or “one-for-all”. A changing landscape Digital transformation is driving marketing leaders to make decisions between two...Read more

Personalize responses to employee feedback to transform return to work 

As companies navigate an environment of rapid change, raised safety standards, and a new digital world, transformative approaches are needed to successfully maintain a healthy, thriving business. That’s why Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Voice has bridged the gap between collecting feedback and building informed responses. Employee safety is paramount to sustaining business in our current...Read more

How consumer goods organizations are adapting by going D2C 

From supply chain capacity constraints to distribution channel disruptions, consumer goods organizations have had to innovate to overcome obstacles and find new ways to meet customer demands. Changes in motion Even before the pandemic struck, significant changes were underway, reshaping retail and the consumer goods industry. Over the last decade, a rise in digital connectivity...Read more

Connecting patient journeys and personalizing healthcare with Microsoft CDP 

Customer data platforms (CDP) aim at helping improve business outcomes in many industries—from delivering better brand experiences in retail and consumer goods to optimizing engagement and fundraising for nonprofits. In the healthcare space, gaining a 360-degree view of the patient and having a unified view of health records, past interactions, and communication preferences empowers front-line support...Read more

Transforming patient experiences with Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare 

Even before the global health crisis of 2020, many organizations around the world were focused on digital transformation. They were working with trusted technology providers to develop new business models, create new experiences, new products, and new services for customers. The pandemic changed everything, stalling the efforts of some organizations, and forcing others to accelerate...Read more

How global leader Ecolab ensures food safety with augmented reality 

Ecolab’s food safety solutions help to safely produce more than 25 percent of the world’s processed food and 44 percent of the global milk supply. That equates to thousands of food and beverage facilities that depend on world-class, onsite service to ensure the production of safe, quality food or beverages every day. When the COVID-19...Read more

Partnering with and Adobe to re-invent CRM with AI 

As organizations worldwide continue to respond and react to a new business climate, we have seen more clearly than ever that the traditional approach to business applications is no longer sufficient. Organizations need a new class of business applications that provides the agility to see and respond to emerging trends, new opportunities, and potential risks...Read more

How Dynamics 365 Sales boost results, from startup to Fortune 500 

Whether you’re a digital startup looking to hit the ground running from day one, or a global Fortune 500 company undergoing rapid scaling, it’s critical that your sales team is equipped with a customer relationship management (CRM) solution that enables your team to perform for their clients at the highest level possible....Read more

Building resiliency: the essentials for selling digitally to B2B buyers 

Like so much else in our lives, B2B sales are going remote. The months of sales teams working remotely from home have increased longer sales cycles and in-person engagement. “The world was already changing before COVID-19,” Chris Weber, Corporate Vice President of the Small, Medium and Corporate segment for Microsoft, told me in a recent...Read more