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3 aspects to consider when migrating to Dynamics 365 in the cloud—it’s like building your next dream house 

Migrating your on-premises business applications to the cloud can be like building your very own dream home. It’s incredibly exciting and will be perfect for your unique needs but can feel daunting when going at it alone. Ensuring you have a strong plan is crucial. Let’s explore this metaphor a bit more as we examine...Read more

Empower seller excellence with customer feedback solutions 

In today’s digital landscape, sellers face new changes at a rapid pace, making it more important than ever to be equipped with the right information when connecting with customers. The sales journey is like a game of strategy—you have to carefully deliver the right details at the right time in order to successfully provide great...Read more

Northeastern University uses Dynamics 365 Guides mixed reality to deliver experiential learning 

“What kind of cool opportunities are there in the research and education space and how can we leverage that technology?” These were the types of questions that educators at Northeastern University asked themselves when looking for solutions to provide unique, immersive experiences for their students. Education and experiential learning have seen incredible value in the...Read more

Bring predictability to your revenue pipeline with Dynamics 365 Sales 

Most companies use sales pipeline data to gauge a very generalized picture of future sales. But imagine if your company’s data was accurate enough to predict next month’s revenue within a few cents? If an organization can standardize on top-performing sales processes and establish an accurate, targeted picture of the customer, pipeline data becomes far more reliable—and future sales become far more...Read more

Build differentiated SaaS apps with Microsoft Industry Clouds 

The past year has brought dramatic change to almost every facet of our lives. We have seen the same disruption play out across every industry, from retail to healthcare to financial services. Customer expectations are fundamentally altered, and it’s hard to imagine things going back to the way they once were. As organizations work to...Read more

3 resources that advance your on-premises migration to Dynamics 365 

Change is not always easy. Economic disruptions from COVID-19 have compelled most organizations to assess whether their legacy systems, processes, and infrastructure can provide the necessary agility to remain competitive. While shifting market conditions have accelerated cloud adoption, some are still weighing migration costs, complexities, and risks against the benefits. There are many reasons to...Read more

5 trends transforming B2B buying and e-commerce 

Many of the forces driving rapid change in B2C commerce are now propelling transformation in the B2B space. Buyers of all types demand an easy, convenient online shopping experience, a requirement that has been accelerated by the pandemic and as Millennials take the decision-making reins. Over time, the demand for an omnichannel, user-centric e-commerce experience...Read more

Mixed reality meets lean management: how Dynamics 365 Remote Assist streamlines Microsoft datacenter operations 

Did you know that mixed reality business applications like Microsoft Dynamics 365 Remote Assist on HoloLens 2 can help reduce waste from a lean management perspective? We invited Six Sigma Black Belt and Kaizen expert Laura Riley, Senior Business Program Manager from the Microsoft Cloud Operations and Innovations team to share her perspective on how...Read more

Your guide to Dynamics 365 and Power Platform at Microsoft Build 

Microsoft Build is just around the corner! To help you make the most of the three-day digital event, we’ve rounded up some must-see sessions and speakers—more than two dozen technical sessions to help developers across roles and skill levels create amazing experiences with Microsoft Power Platform and Microsoft Dynamics 365.  ...Read more

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Intelligent Order Management Preview now available 

Today marks the preview release of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Intelligent Order Management, a new application that enables organizations to consistently deliver on order promises by proactively overcoming disruptions. Now, your organization can intelligently orchestrate fulfillment and automate it with a rule-based system that leverages real-time inventory and AI. In addition, you can adapt quickly to...Read more

Accelerating business transformation with Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Platform 

We have seen a breakthrough year for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Power Platform. Across industries and around the world, we’re seeing companies leveraging Dynamics 365 to create impact faster, break down barriers, adapt to a rapidly changing environment, and innovate across their business. Dynamics 365 continues to grow quickly, with 45 percent revenue growth...Read more

Fraud trends part 4: balancing identity authentication with user experience 

Identity authentication is a crucial part of any fraud protection and access management service. That is why Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection and Microsoft Azure Active Directory work well together to provide customers a comprehensive authentication seamless access experience. In this blog of our fraud trend series, we explore how proper authentication prevents fraud and...Read more